Suunto Traverse Outdoor Watch Review

Are you searching for an outdoor watch that comes with all the bells and whistles you could want? Look no further than this popular model by Suunto.

Versatile, easy to use, and equipped with all the right features, you’ll have a hard time finding any flaws in a watch that’s designed as beginner friendly but comes with the type of features seasoned hikers need and love.

Suunto Core, Dusk Gray
  • Upload routes to your watch, and you're ready to explore new terrains with the help of GPS and glonass Satellite navigation systems
  • Follow your Progress with distance and altitude statistics, save points of interest and re trace your steps using the breadcrumb trail
  • Barometric Trend helps predict weather changes, and storm alarm alerts you when it's time to find shelter
  • Sunrise and sunset times keep you informed of the Available daylight hours. Up to 100 hours battery life
  • Stay up to date with GPS timekeeping, incoming calls, texts and push notifications from your Smartphone to your watch. Silicone Strap

The Suunto Traverse outdoor watch provides highly accurate descent and climb data, an easy to navigate user interface, and a wide range of features that campers and hikers can take advantage of when mountain climbing or hiking through the backcountry.

Overview and Features

This watch is packed with top of the line barometric and altitude features. It also allows you to track fitness patterns, temperature, time, is GPS enabled, and comes with a barometer.

Use this watch to create points of interest, way points, or navigate to selected points. Basically, if you’re looking for a feature loaded model, this is one of the best outdoor watches on the market.

However, in order for the watch to maintain accurate readings, it must be calibrated often, especially when the weather changes or in the event of a storm.

Barometer and Altimeter

The barometer and altimeter are tied together. There are a few altimeter/barometer profiles you can choose from, based on your motion. So, if you’re heading downhill or uphill you can go to altimeter mode, or if you’re camped out for the night, the watch can be switched to the barometric pressure graph.

Fused-altimeter is a very useful feature that will calibrate the watch using a combination of GPS function and sea pressure. Additionally, the barometric graph can plot course points that will display either a fall or increase in barometric pressure. This feature will determine weather patterns and can alert users when bad weather is headed their way.

The trip summary and data log feature can display total descent and ascent and shows descending and ascending speeds, once the GPS feature is switched on. Later in the day, you can take a look at past logged events.


The built-in compass is tilt-compensated. The compass provides users with a reference to true north and cardinal direction. Declination can be manually calibrated.

Water Resistant

This model is also water resistant up to three hundred and thirty feet.

Classic Timepiece Functions

Suunto Traverse Outdoor Watch

Like many outdoor watches designed for backpackers and campers, this model also works as a classic timepiece. It features one daily alarm, stopwatch, timer, and options for daylight savings time. If you’re looking for an outdoor watch that will allow you to set a number of alarms, the Casio Men’s Pathfinder is a better option.

This watch is also equipped with many activity monitoring functions including a one-month step history, calories burned, daily steps, and an activity profile.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the manufacturer boasts up to fourteen days of use before a charge is needed, however, with continuous GPS navigation battery life can be cut in half.

Display and Ease of Use

The watch features a large mineral glass display and a large font, so reading fitness or route data is simple and easy. The contrast and color display are also adjustable, making the display highly visible in both low and bright light conditions.

Because the watch comes with so many features, learning how to navigate through the different menus and profiles can take a little getting used to, but overall, we found this model to be one of the easiest outdoor watches to use.


  • Loaded with features
  • GPS-enabled
  • Water resistant
  • Large, clear display screen
  • Easy to use interface


  • Does not come with a heart rate monitor.
  • GPS use will cut battery life in half
  • The watch can be uncomfortable to wear during hot weather because the band is not breathable.
  • Only has one daily alarm

A Comfortable Fit

Many hikers found the thick silicone band to be uncomfortable to wear during hotter weather conditions. The band has only a single watch hole on one side, so it isn’t very breathable. However, the watch itself is very light and the band is highly adjustable.

On the Trail

Considering the impressive battery life, this watch is perfect for use on longer backcountry hiking trips and campouts.

The watch comes with every feature the avid hiker could want or need in a reliable outdoor watch, just keep in mind that you must use the GPS sparingly in order to avoid draining the battery.

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